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AML Tries Gym Classes: Les Mills’ Body Pump and Les Mills’ RPM

I’ve been going to my gym for about six months now, and since I joined I’ve always wanted to try a spin class. In fact, my gym (Edge Fitness) has spin classes as part of the top level of membership, and that’s why I…

My Intense Butt & Thigh Workout

After about six months or so of using pre-made videos from Fitness Blender to do my butt and thigh strength training workouts, I decided I wanted a longer, more intense dumbbell workout to do on Mondays, when I have a longer time to commit…

AML’s Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Hidey Ho, Kettlebellers or wannabe Kettlebellers! Wanna try something challenging but fun? I decided I didn’t want to do my old standard dumbbell upper body workout on Monday, so I decided to make my own KETTLEBELL ONLY upper body workout! I included some example…

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