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AML’s Upper Body Kettlebell Workout

Hidey Ho, Kettlebellers or wannabe Kettlebellers! Wanna try something challenging but fun? I decided I didn’t want to do my old standard dumbbell upper body workout on Monday, so I decided to make my own KETTLEBELL ONLY upper body workout! I included some example…

No-Equipment Low Impact Cardio

Sometimes in the course of getting that hot bod you’ve always wanted you may sustain an injury, or maybe you just haven’t reached that level of fitness where jumping jacks and burpees are something you can do. Or maybe you have bad knees and…

AML’s 15 Rep Kettlebell Workout

It’s been just over a year since I designed my very own Beginner Kettlebell Workout, can you believe it? I spent a few days working on this one, and last night I finally gave it a shot. And when I was done I said…

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