My Intense Butt & Thigh Workout

After about six months or so of using pre-made videos from Fitness Blender to do my butt and thigh strength training workouts, I decided I wanted a longer, more intense dumbbell workout to do on Mondays, when I have a longer time to commit to fitness. I’ve been working on this particular workout for about three months and have switched it up a bit, but I’m really happy with its current state.

3 Sets of 12 – 10 – 8 Reps (Perform each exercise 12 times, then rest, repeat each exercise 10 times through, rest, then repeat each exercise 8 times through). If the exercise involves doing each leg individually, I split the number of reps between each leg.

Squats & Calf Raises (20/25/30lbs per hand)

Bulgarian Split Squats & Step Ups (20/25/30lbs per hand)

Wide Squat w/ Leg Raise & Curtsy Lunge w/ Leg Raise (20/25/30lbs per hand)

I hold the weights over my shoulders when doing these exercises.

Squat Hold and Rock & Single Leg Deadlift (L) (20/25/30lbs per hand)

Okay I couldn’t find the exact video for this Squat Hold & Rock, but you squat, and then slowly and steadily switch from holding your weight on one leg before gliding slowly over to the other.

Sumo Squats & Single Leg Deadlift (R) (20/25/30lbs per hand)

Once again I use 2 dumbbells and hold them over my shoulders.

Romanian Deadlifts & Thrusts (45/50/52.5 lbs per hand)

This section takes me about an hour.  Then I finish up with a short pilates video and a stretch video.

Last week I did this Monday evening and waddled until Thursday, which I love!

Do you love pushing yourself and feeling that good soreness set in for days afterward?


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