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Frugal February Challenge – Week One Wrap Up & Week Two Planning

So last week went mostly well, although there were a few “issues”. First, I had planned on making the crispy rice cereal I had bought into chocolate peanut butter protein crispy treats, but I didn’t realize how little chocolate protein powder I had left….

Frugal February Challenge – Week One!

Week one has begun! It’s Wednesday so technically it’s half over but I’m going to update you on my purchases and then I’ll do a wrap up and preview of week two on Sunday. Here was my biggest dilemma: Coca Cola. I like to…

My Personal “Frugal Food February” Challenge!

February is the shortest month of year, and, as such, it’s easy to give yourself a challenge when a month is only 28 days long! I’m attempting to save some money for a down payment on a car, so wherever I can scrimp and…

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