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Friday’s Kettlebell Workout – Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell Til You Drop

Heeeeeey, it’s Friday!!! Do you know what that means? It means it’s BELLS DAY!!! (As an aside, I really hope to have something new and exciting to show you regarding bells soon, keep your eyes peeled.) On Fridays I do Fitness Blender’s Kettlebell ’til…

Monday’s Kettlebell Workout – The Ladder

This past December, I was e-mailed a new workout by the same SparkFriend who had sent me my original timed workout. At the time, he described it as “The Twelve Bells of Christmas”. I was supposed to do this workout only from about mid-December…

Wednesday’s Kettlebell Workout – The Circuit

This workout was provided to me by a SparkFriend in early September, and I spent at least a week being downright afraid of it. I was still doing the 8-minute video I started out with, so the idea of doing such an intense workout…

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