It’s Okay to Make Adjustments

The last few days I’ve really been feeling some soreness in my right shoulder. I’ve had some minor issues with it for a while, and recently my left shoulder has been a bit achy, too. This is a warning sign: my shoulders are inflamed for some reason or another (most likely from overuse) and they need a rest. My regular old kettlebell routines involve a lot of overhead work in the form of clean and press, overhead press, and the most likely culprit: windmills.

Farewell for now, dear windmills. (Click image for source article.)

Now I love working out, and I adore kettlebells. I don’t want to injure myself seriously and be forced to give them up! So I’m using ice and heat alternately, as well as some ibuprofen, and I’m adjusting my workout routines to remove heavy shoulder work. So goodbye windmills, at least for a while, and hello straight biceps curls and lunge throughs.

Curls. Source.
Curls. Source.

You don’t have to keep pushing yourself if you feel your body isn’t happy. In  fact, you shouldn’t! Listen to your body, and rest if you need to. I work out 6 days a week, and often have a very active rest day. I guess I need a break, and that’s okay. For a while, I’ll focus on the lower body, and less ballistic shoulder exercises.

Take care of your body, it’s the only one you’ve got!


3 thoughts on “It’s Okay to Make Adjustments”

  1. Andrea, Sorry to hear you need a rest period. I know these can be a bigger pain than the pain that lead to it. Have you ever taken turmeric supplements? It isn’t a quick response like Motrin, but it did very well for my joints and soreness last year when I was overworking myself. Konrad

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  2. Actually, it’s not the only one you can have. They’re making lots of artificial parts these days. But I certainly
    wouldn’t recommend them! There’s nothing like the real thing for fit and comfort! Take care and rest and I
    hope you feel better soon.

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