Digestive Issues? Try These Three Foods

Hey all! I just wanted to pop in here and give you a little apology. My posts here have been sporadic and relatively short as of late, and I assure you that it is NOT because I’m blog-fading or anything. I’ve been very busy with work and side projects and there will be something exciting happening for me and AML pretty soon. I hope you stick around to find out the fun news! Thanks so much to all of you for reading, it means so much to me.

young african nurse comforting female patient
Image Source James Palinsad

Sometimes, even with healthy living, our digestive tracts rebel against us and…well… things happen. Or don’t happen, as it were. Sometimes we turn to over the counter remedies to relieve our gastric distress, but why not try these natural foods first? Some of them work even better than that over the counter stuff!


Feeling nauseous? (This is quite literally the worst feeling in the world in my humble opinion.)

ginger-1191927_1280.jpgTry Ginger. Ginger, in dried form, or fresh, steeped in hot water, can soothe the effects of nausea. I keep a bag of dried ginger root in my desk drawer at work for days when I’m feeling a little queasy.


Sometimes we just can’t get too far from the bathroom. Our lower intestines churn violently and we live in fear that we just won’t make it.

bananas-652497_1280Try Bananas. Bananas are full of fiber and are easily digestible, so they can help bulk up your stool and won’t further upset your weakened digestive system. Bananas are also loaded with potassium, which is one of the important electrolytes lost during your illness.


When you’ve got to go, but you can’t, you have some really tasty options!

dried-fruit-734596_1280Try dried fruit! Most dried fruit can help you get that colon moving, but most people’s thoughts so straight to prunes. Don’t make that face! You don’t need to drink prune juice. Just snacking on dried prunes here and there will help with regularity. Studies aren’t clear as to what causes the laxative effect, it’s either the fiber or the natural sorbitol in dried fruit, but either way, it works. Not interested in prunes? Try dried dates! They work for me every time!

I hope you’re keeping regular this summer, but if not, now you know how to deal with it!




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