Recycled Protein Powder Planters

20160411_145356I…drink a lot of protein shakes. Hey, I work out a lot, people. Don’t be judgy. But the bad part of drinking lots of protein is having giant plastic containers left when you’re done. But, there’s good news, there, too, if you are frugal and you like to grown some of your own food. They’re the perfect size for planters!

You, too, can turn your used protein tubs into planters. And it’s actually pretty darn easy. Here’s what you need:

20160411_152512Not pictured: paper towels, soap and water.

The first step was getting that darned label off! I tried to peel it off, but that didn’t work very well, OF COURSE. But the adhesive remover did the trick. I saturated the remainder of the label, let it sit for a minute, then scraped it off.

20160411_135323This still left a residue, so I used some more adhesive remover and a paper towel to get it all off, then gave it a good scrubbing with some dish soap. I rinsed it and dried it.

20160411_140411Next, using a utility knife VERY CAREFULLY, I cut off the top of the tub. Isopure has a convenient seam I could follow. Tasty and helpful!

20160411_141408Now, you have two options. You can recycle the top of the tub if you want, or, if you want to help keep some moisture in your soil in the warmer months, you can flip it over and tuck it back inside like I did. I didn’t attach mine because I’m going to be using mine for herbs outside, but if you glued it in you could easily use this as a vase!

20160411_145407Look how pretty!

I plan on leaving mine plain because a) no one’s going to see them but me and the Hubs, and b) I’m going to be growing food in them and not pretty flowers, but you could totally decorate these any way you liked! I can imagine them painted or tied with ribbons. I may even make little chalkboard plaques to write the name of what’s in them.

Have you recycled and old plastic container like this before? Let me know in the comments!




13 thoughts on “Recycled Protein Powder Planters”

  1. Andrea, you are so creative! I love these, and they are just as cute as planters at the store. I like your chalkboard idea as well. I may just have to try this – maybe even dipping the rim in some metallic paint, and letting it drip down the sides and dry. Thanks for the idea, have a great weekend!

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  2. How clever, frugal, and pretty this is!! Did you really grow those poppies?? Our temps are still in the mid 30’s at night here in Northern NJ – still too cold to plant flowers or start seeds outside! Thanks for sharing this great idea!!

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