Spring and Sleep (A Quickie Blog)

Seriously, Daylight Savings Time? I hate you. You have screwed up my sleep and made it so it’s dark when I get out of bed again. The only thing good about you is your arrival means I get to see these:






Yeah. I like these.

I’m exhausted. Have a great weekend, you guys!


4 Comments on “Spring and Sleep (A Quickie Blog)

  1. It probably will not come as a surprise to you that I prefer Daylight Savings Time. I love it when it stays light outside later. Try as I may, I will just never be an early riser. I am with you on being happy to see some blooms, though. We haven’t had any daffodils or anything yet, not that I’ve seen, but the dogwoods are blooming and they are my favorite!

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  2. I was out and about this afternoon, and noticed that the forsythia is about to burst into bloom and the daffodils have buds. I saw my first crocus last Thursday, and it’s supposed to snow on the first day of Spring lol Have a great weekend!

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