Love with Food January Box “Love is Kind”

20160115_084502January’s Love with Food box has arrived and been thoroughly devoured! Here’s what I thought of this month’s box:

Corn and Sea Salt Chips by The Better Chip

These were pretty good! A decent, standard corn chip, although a bit sweeter than I’m used to.

Mini Chocolates by Ritter Sport

20160116_194226Can one go wrong with Ritter Sport? I think not! The Hubs thoroughly enjoyed this little treat. (I prefer the marzipan flavor myself!)

Handmade Sea Salt Caramels by Annie B’s

20160118_202353You had me at “sea salt”. Now, I’m really biased, because I make sea salt caramels at home, but these were almost as good as mine. Would definitely recommend!

Honey Hard Candies by Go Organic

20160121_090755These taste just like a solid piece of honey. I was going to say “not my cup of tea”, but then I thought one of these plopped INTO a cup of tea would be AMAZING!

Granola Cookie 2 Pack by Nothin’ But Foods

These were VERY tasty, and a very reasonable calorie count for TWO cookies! Would definitely snack on these babies again.

Original Premium Smoked Pork Snack Stick by DiMario Foods

20160119_145551*swoon* Meat in tube form is a major food group for me. Add smoke and make it easy to throw in my bag and you’ve got me hook, line and sinker! Loved the smoky goodness, and only SIXTY CALORIES?! Heck yeah! Would absolutely buy these. No question!

Mini Wafers by Loacker

I can only describe these as a sort of upscale KitKat, and I mean that in the best way possible. Delicious!

Tomato & Onion Bruschetta by Dipin

20160121_090830I left this until last because I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like it. I had it with sticks of cucumber and it was really tasty! A nice tomato-y flavor without being overpowering or too garlicky.  I’m not sure I would run out and buy a bunch but if it wound up in front of me I’d definitely snack again. 🙂


Not my favorite, but very good! Really loved the meat in tube form. 🙂

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Happy snacking!




4 thoughts on “Love with Food January Box “Love is Kind””

  1. Thank you for the food blog. I’ll have to look up and try the “nothin but” cookies. Most of the gluten free stuff is either a corn syrup block or cardboard. If you liked it, I’ll try it.


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