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Review: July Love With Food Box – A Tasty Farewell

I’ve said before that I don’t understand how Love with Food chooses it’s themes, and this month’s theme is no exception. Love is Adventure is a fun thing to say, and it sounds good, but I personally wouldn’t describe a SINGLE THING in this…

Review: June Love With Food Box

The theme of June’s Love with Food box was “Love is Celebration”. I’ve got to be honest with you, I have no idea why they do these themes. I’m not sure any of these foods make me want to celebrate. I know they need…

Review: Love with Food Box – April

Yes I know we’re halfway through May already, but it took me that long to eat everything in April’s Love with Food box. Why, you ask? Three words: squeezable oatmeal puree. I’d gotten it before and passed it off to a friend. Maybe it’s…

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