Pork Steak with Persimmon Puree

My most recent recipe was published today at Blazing Caribou Studios, here’s a sample:

Does the sound of Pork Steak with Persimmon Puree make you hungry? Me too! Once again, my good friend Paul from the Varmints Podcast has asked me to develop a recipe to accompany the latest episode: Pigs! So like the Rabbit and Bison recipes I did earlier this year to accompany their respective Varmints episodes, now you can learn all about the animal, and then make a delicious recipe out of them! I’m sick, huh? 😉 You know you love it.

You can read the rest and get the recipe by going over to my blog Recipe for History.

I wrote this as a companion recipe for the amazing Varmints! podcast episode about pigs! You can listen to it here. You might hear my name mentioned!


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