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The Continuing Weight Loss Journey – After Weight Loss Ends

I’ve been in maintenance for going on 3 years this month. I lost, at my max, 115 lbs, and have kept off more than 100 lbs of that this entire time. That 10 lb regain? A lot of it is muscle, because I’m a…

How to Work Out Your Legs When Your Knees Hurt

A good friend of mine is dealing with some messed up knees exacerbated by a bad personal trainer, and I wanted to help out a bit and do some research on strength training exercises that won’t cause harm to the knees. I personally do…

Quick and Dirty Guide to Healthy Fats

Fat is flavor. Fat is filling. And yes, fat can be GOOD for you! We’ve heard so much about low-fat this and low-fat that and reduce fat blah-blah-blah but in truth, not all fat is bad. Heck, not even all TRANS FAT is bad!…

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