Remembering Loved Ones

You’ll forgive my lack of food/fitness/frugality posts in the past week or so. There’s been  quite a bit going on around here this month and life has been rather busy. I recently read a blog entry about emotions and weight gain and while I’m 100% positive I’m not an emotional eater, it DOES affect my eating: I don’t eat. When I’m sad/depressed/angry I simply am not interested in food. So, indirectly, this post IS about food and weight!

My dad with my nephew Adam in 2009.
My dad with my nephew Adam in 2009.

Loss has been a common theme in my life this past week. A very good friend was reminded of a beloved cousin lost in Afghanistan years ago. Another very good friend lost her grandmother on Friday. Yom Kippur was last week and my boss was missing his late sister who was also his best friend. Last week a package was delivered to me at work with things that were my father’s, who I lost 3 years ago to a heart attack. Grief is a pain in the ass, and it comes out of nowhere and wallops you when you least expect it, because it’s also a giant douchebag. Grief sucks.

0514414909b414355732486a8e590e360518c2-wmSo this is a call to arms to everyone out there: love fully as often as you can. You never know when someone will be gone from your life. Don’t waste time being angry, or holding grudges, or, God forbid, hating anyone. It’s a waste of time, and it only hurts YOU. Spend that time loving others without the expectation of getting anything in return. And TELL those people you love them, even if you don’t say those exact 3 words. SHOW them. In the way you treat them, in the way you look at them. In the respect you show them. There’s no reason to hide that, none at all.

You had to know I'd finish this job with humor, didn't you? :)
You had to know I’d finish this job with humor, didn’t you? 🙂
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