Art of Frugal Giving, Part II – The Gift of Craft

Between now and Christmas, I’m going to be doing a short series of blogs showcasing different ways you can give inexpensive but meaningful gifts to the ones you love. Today’s entry is about the Gift of Craft. You can read my previous entry about the Gift of Thought here.

You don’t necessarily have to be crafty to make a homemade gift for a loved one! There are tons of options for those of us who aren’t naturally artistic. Pinterest (of course) is a great place to look. My suggestion is to not base your gift on the Christmas season, but make it something they can enjoy all year through.

The Personalized Gift


Do you know someone who always brings a casserole whenever he or she is invited somewhere? What about making them a personalized baking dish so they don’t lose their favorite bakeware? There’s a fantastic tutorial here at!

The Food Gift


This one is my favorite. I love to cook and bake, and I’m decently good at it. In the past I’ve made cookies, sea salt caramels, Portuguese golden cake, etc. This year I have a few new things up my sleeve that I won’t post here, but family is definitely getting homemade gifts this year. What about this great recipe for root beer barbecue sauce from It looks delicious to me!

The Artful Gift

IMG_0483 (You may need to use Google Translate to read this post, as it appears to be in Russian.)

This is for those of you who may have a little more artistic talent than I do, but this Winter Tunnel from Crafty Kate is absolutely stunning. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a winter theme, but I love the 3d concept of something like this.


Do you knit? Make a scarf or a sweater or even socks. I still have a scarf that my Gran made for me almost 20 years ago. Does your loved one read a lot? Make them a bookmark so every time they read a book they can be reminded that you love them.

Do you have a favorite gift someone made for you? Tell me about it below, and stay tuned for the third and final installment of The Art of Frugal Giving!