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Recipe: Breakfast Carrot Cake Squares (Gluten Free)

I have a bit of a love for cream cheese frosting. And carrots. And warm spices. I mean, cake in general is pretty amazing, but carrot cake has vegetables in it. Vegetables. It should, by all accounts, be healthy, right? Yeah, it’s totally not….

Recipe: Lemon No Bake Cheesecake Bars

Some days you’d kill for a piece of cheesecake. But, as anyone who’s into healthy living knows, cheesecake can be dangerous. So my brain went a’stormin’ and thinking about how I could get a dessert I could enjoy on a cheesecake level without freaking…

Recipe: Healthy Banana “Split”

  It’s in the 80s here in Philly, but as I do every year I’m resisting turning the air on. Because I’m CHEAP. *cough* Frugal. I wanted something cool for dessert but I’m all  out of ice cream, but a quick perusal of my…

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