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A Running Shoe Noob Buys Her First Pair

As you probably all know, this was the year I tried running. Until this year, I’d always hated it. It was hard. It made me breathe funny. DID NOT WANT. Well, I tried it again this year, after reaching my goal weight and doing…

C25K Week 8, Take 2!

I struggled last week. The heat, the lack of air conditioning, my new Intermediate Kettlebell workout and starting sprints and stair runs all added up to a bit of exhaustion, which in turn lead to bad runs! I felt vastly better by midweek last…

C25K Week 8 – Take 1

Murphy’s Law struck gold with my running this week! It seems as if everything that could go wrong did go wrong, but I ran. W8D1 – 28 minutes solid run. I did this on a Thursday morning. The actual running was fine. I got…

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