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My 5 Favorite Instagram Accounts

It’s not hard to me to say that Instagram is my current favorite social media platform. I am that person who posts my dinner every night and then a lot of pictures of my dog. I also follow a bunch of people. Instagram is…

Potpourri: Nutrition Comparisons, Muscle Stretching Guide & AML Slack Team

There’s a storm coming here this weekend, so this is a quickie potpourri post before I have to buckle down and shovel. I found a couple of really awesome resources on the web. The first one is a nutrition comparison website! This website is…

Fun with Apps: Google Keep

One of the best things about finally having a fancy pants smartphone (a Samsung Galaxy) is the ability to use my phone as a personal organizer. I use it for multiple e-mails, social media accounts, my Etsy store, GPS, a calendar, syncing my FitBit,…

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