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Guest Post: Tips to Begin Trail Running for the First Time in Your Life

The weather is getting to be AMAZING here in the Philadelphia area, and I’m itching to get back outside to run. I’ve briefly dabbled in running trails before, but Guest Author Dan Chabert might have convinced me to get off the roads and back…

Out of the Darkness Walk

Yesterday morning I layered on some running clothes, then threw on a old, ridiculously huge sweatshirt (that less than five years ago was TIGHT on my overweight body) and drove to a nearby town to meet my friend Laurie for an Out of the…

A Running Shoe Noob Buys Her First Pair

As you probably all know, this was the year I tried running. Until this year, I’d always hated it. It was hard. It made me breathe funny. DID NOT WANT. Well, I tried it again this year, after reaching my goal weight and doing…

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