Review: Sahale Snacks Tangerine Cashew with Vanilla & Mango Bar

20170219_171127So I was browsing iBotta this week, looking for rebates…

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I started using it about 2 years ago now and so far I’ve saved $228.90 on groceries, plus I get to try some new stuff, like these Sahale Snacks Tangerine Cashew with Vanilla and Mango Bars.

No, I am not being paid to write this post. I saw that there was a rebate, and I decided to try them because TANGERINE CASHEW sounds amazing! The rebate was for $1 off at Walmart so I figured I’d try some, because HEY, A DOLLAR.

Well, there’s a downside. Even at Walmart these are $4.74 a box. Andrea is a sad panda. And not only is that expensive, it’s extra pricey because it’s for only FOUR BARS. Come on! Not only that… but they’re tiny at a mere 1.4 oz. each. 😦

So I ultimately paid $3.74 for a box of four bars, which means each bar is 94 cents. A bit steep for me.

But how do they TASTE?

20170219_171137Really, really good! You can see all the various textures of the cashews, dried mango, toasted sorghum and puffed amaranth. The texture was really nice, creamy on the bottom from the cashew butter base (I loved how it has two easily seen layers) and slightly crunchy without being sharp on the top.

20170219_171200The bar was slightly sweet, with cashew being the most dominant flavor. I could definitely taste the tangerine, but it wasn’t as strong as I expected. At first, I found this disappointing, but as I continued to eat I decided that the level was probably pretty good: any stronger and it would be cloying. There’s definitely a hint of vanilla there, too. I’d give these a 7/10: Really tasty, satisfying for their size (190 calories, btw), but not so mind blowing that I can’t live without them. If they were half the price, I’d probably purchase them regularly.

Nutrition wise they’re pretty comparable to KIND bars. This bar has 11g sugar which I honestly don’t think is too bad. No artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives give it bonus points, too, but I take off a bit for the addition of soy protein. I actually enjoyed this bar more than KIND bars BECAUSE of the creamy bottom layer. Makes for a nice mouthfeel.

I say give them a shot if they sound good to you! They have four flavors to choose from:

Which would you pick?


Review: Oofos OOahh Sport Slide Recovery Sandals

I had the good fortune to get my hands on a free pair of Oofos recovery sandals at an event at my local Roadrunner Sports last month. I’d been eyeing them up in the store for a while, so when I discovered Oofos was a vendor at the party I took the opportunity to give them a shot! First off, what exactly ARE Oofos?

20170110_090614Oofos are sport recovery shoes made from super thick foam for maximum support and comfort, designed to absorb impact so your feet can recover from those long, hard runs.

I’ve worn them for about a month now almost every day so here is my honest review (ignore my grody feet).

20170110_090552They. Are. COMFY.

I have exceedingly high arches and a bone spur, so I’m really not supposed to go around barefoot. I slip these on like sandals and walk around my apartment like I’m strolling on a cloud. In the evenings if I’m short on hitting my step goal I’ll even jog in place in them in my living room and I get plenty of support there too. They’re super squishy but still totally stable. And just look at how thick this sole is!

20170110_090559This style retails for $59.95, which I think is well worth the comfort level provided. I could easily imagine kicking around in a pair of these all day on the boardwalk down the shore and my feet never getting tired.

Now, the negatives.

I am NOT a fan of this style. I probably won’t wear them out to do anything other than walk the dog or immediately after a run to walk to the car.

Okay, I wore this outfit to take out the garbage. IT WAS DARK, OKAY.

The good news is they have super cute more traditional sandal styles like these in dozens of colors!

women-s-ooriginal-sandal-oofosAlso, this style makes my feet sweat. Like a lot. Again, this could easily be solved by me wearing the Ooriginal Sandal style. I definitely plan on picking up a pair of these sandals for kicking around this summer because they are RIDICULOUSLY COMFY.

Have you tried Oofos? Would you? Let me know in the comments!


Bingley’s Photo Shoot – Wag Your Tail Photography

dsc_0156Last Christmas, my mom gave The Hubs and me a gift certificate for a Wag Your Tail Photography photoshoot for our Boston Terrier, Bingley. The gift certificate itself was a full color laminated photo of a gorgeous husky (the photographer’s own pup), personalized with our names! I was super excited at the time but we knew we’d have to wait for warmer weather as Bingley doesn’t have much fur to keep him warm. And then I got the news that I was going to be in a magazine, which came with it’s very own photoshoot! It wasn’t until late August that I actually got around to booking Bingley’s shoot.

The photographer, Christina, was incredibly sweet and helpful, guiding me to choose a good time of day for lighting and weather, and we set a date. I filled out a small questionnaire regarding Bingley’s history and immediately started browsing for doggie bow ties. We had decided on a park very close to our home, so I was really familiar with the area.

The day of the shoot The Hubs and I got all gussied up and headed over to the park. Christina and her husband and “dog wrangler”, John, met us there, and we wasted no time settling down in the meadow on a soft blanket. It was so difficult to NOT have fun, because two adults are repeatedly squeaking a dog toy at you and saying “tweat!” over and over again so Bingley pays attention. I couldn’t help but giggle and my goofy face was captured on more than a few shots:

dsc_05871For 60 minutes we had fun and played with Bingley and enjoyed the outdoors and as you can see, he was having the time of his life. The four of us even managed to get him to sit in a box!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There were lots of tweats (treats) to be had, lots of water drunk and lots of praises for our little Bingley. At the end of the session, he was beat! We parted ways and went home to rest.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

In about a week, we received a link to a shared Google Drive that contained so many photos it took us forever to decide which were our favorites! (Hint, none of the ones in this post were our favorites, I’m saving those for Christmas!)  Once we finally decided our final few, Christina took back over for retouching (they can edit out LEASHES, people!) and just over a month later we have our finished photos!

Every moment working with Wag Your Tail Photography was fun and stress free! If you live in the Philadelphia area and have a pet you adore I cannot recommend them enough. I really hope you’ll check out the website and her amazing Instagram account!

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#Repost @indogspot with @repostapp ・・・ #HumansOfDogspot Meet Christina Cookson from @wagyourtailphoto . . "My love for animals (especially dogs) and photography really blossomed in 2008, when I moved to Colorado and got a little 3-month old black and white Siberian Husky named Newton (as in Sir Isaac). The move out West & the love and joy that Newton brought to my life jolted me in a very real and permanent way. Being in such a beautiful place as Colorado made me appreciate and see the world more intensely. It also brought a sense of independence and adventure that quickly grew by leaps and bounds. I soon picked up my backpack, first Nikon DSLR camera and headed out into the mountains with Newton. . A few years later, life happened and I moved back to Philadelphia with Newton. I was working as an attorney, bombarded with long and stressful days. But I never quit my passion for photography. I upgraded my DSLR and continued to take photographs of friends and family and their furkids. I then met my amazing husband, John. John encouraged me to take my passion for animals and photography and grow into more than just a leisure activity. And that’s when Wag Your Tail Photography was born. Why that name, you ask? Well, I always wonder if Newton would understand just how much I love him if I had a tail that I could wag right back at him when he sees me. Maybe this sounds strange to you, but maybe you completely understand that sentiment. . . Shortly after WYTP got started, our family grew by 4 more furry paws! We rescued sweet Maya, a then-6 year old sable-colored Siberian Husky, and our lives became even fuller. We can’t imagine our world without these two. They are our furkids and our only kids. We take them with us everywhere we can and build memories with them every day. I hope that my photography brings those memories to life for other people as well. Get out there and make memories with your furkids! You and they will cherish them forever, I promise." ❤ #indogspot #adventurepup #pink #cute #adorable #dogs #instaedit #instadogs #dogsday #dogscorner #dogsdaily #dogstagram #dogsofinstagram #dailydogs #Doglovers #followback #instafollow

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Seriously, how adorbs is this?! Talk about someone who loves what she does. It shows in her work! I truly hope you’ll check out Christina’s Portfolio, or better yet, book a session, I assure you it will be a memory you’ll cherish. 🙂