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Recipe: Protein Coconut Breakfast Cake

HEY LOOK, GUYS, A RECIPE. I know I’ve been quiet lately. I’ve moved into a new apartment and I’m still kinda figuring out my personal schedule and getting back on track. But I know I owed you a delicious recipe so here it is!…

Pork Steak with Persimmon Puree

My most recent recipe was published today at Blazing Caribou Studios, here’s a sample: Does the sound of Pork Steak with Persimmon Puree make you hungry? Me too! Once again, my good friend Paul from the Varmints Podcast has asked me to develop a…

Labneh: Better Than Cream Cheese

I sat here this morning, chewing thoughtfully on a warm double protein English muffin smeared with a thick layer of home made labneh, it’s tart creaminess contrasting with the sweet blackerry-raspberry refrigerator jam dolloped on top. I only discovered the joy of labneh recently….

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