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10 Valentine’s Desserts I Wish My Husband Would Make for Me

pAs we all are MORE than aware, Valentine’s Day is IMMINENT. (I mean, I was even reminded excessively while watching the season finale of The Expanse, which is IN NO WAY romantic. Unless you get butterflies in your stomach watching people puke from radiation…

The Puppy Bowl is Coming!

A lot of so-called “normal” Americans really love football. Me? I could give a crap about football. And The Hubs is a blue-blooded Canadian so football isn’t in his repertoire either. We do, however, love puppies! So every year, instead of following the trend…

The Results of Frugal Giving

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday season was a lovely as mine. I made a point in December to focus on homemade gifts, and there was a reason for that. I MADE HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS GIFTS! And now that the gifts have been…

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