10 Valentine’s Desserts I Wish My Husband Would Make for Me

pAs we all are MORE than aware, Valentine’s Day is IMMINENT. (I mean, I was even reminded excessively while watching the season finale of The Expanse, which is IN NO WAY romantic. Unless you get butterflies in your stomach watching people puke from radiation poisoning. Hey, maybe you do, who am I to judge?)

Now I’ve never really been a fan of Valentine’s Day. I mean, you should be good to your significant other all the time, and not just one day of the year. Overpriced roses? Mediocre chocolates in a heart-shaped box? Not for me. And I wouldn’t be caught dead going out to eat on Valentine’s Day. That sounds like absolute TORTURE.

I do, however, like a tasty dessert, and it’s a double bonus if it’s homemade! So here are some delicious looking desserts I found on Pinterest that maybe, if I’m really, REALLY lucky, my husband will make for me.


  1. Individual Fruit and Brownie Trifles from Just A Tastechocolate-brownie-fruit-trifle
  2. Red Velvet Truffles from OMG Chocolate DessertsRed-Velvet-Truffles-1
  3. Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies from Bakerella3263834540_84c449a221_o
  4. Death by Chocolate Icebox Cake from Life, Love and SugarChocolate_Icebox_Cake7
  5. Beer Brownies from Dessert for Twobeer-brownies-recipe-7
  6. Red Velvet Oreo Trifles in a Jar from Life, Love and SugarRed_Velvet_Oreo_Trifle_in_a_Jar
  7. Linzer Cookies from Cooking Classylinzer-cookies2+text.
  8. Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Hearts from Baker by NatureIMG_1523-682x1024
  9. No Bake Chilled Double Chocolate Torte from Oh She Glowsenhanced-28527-1422374170-11
  10. Heart-Shaped Mini Pies from The Chic LifeStrawberryHeartPies-1338-tm

Any one of those sinful desserts would do, doncha think? Maybe if I’m lucky he’ll read this and make me one. Here’s hoping!

What sort of dessert are you hoping for this Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments!


The Puppy Bowl is Coming!

A lot of so-called “normal” Americans really love football. Me? I could give a crap about football. And The Hubs is a blue-blooded Canadian so football isn’t in his repertoire either. We do, however, love puppies! So every year, instead of following the trend and screaming at the tv, we squee and awww at the tiny puppies running around the mock stadium in Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl!

Puppies participate in the taping of Animal Planet's "Puppy Bowl IX" program on Nov. 11, 2012, in New York. The mock football game will air on Super Bowl Sunday. The puppies used in the show are from shelters and rescue organizations across the country. Illustrates PUPPYBOWL (category l), by Maura Judkis (c) 2013, The Washington Post. Moved Thursday, Jan. 3a, 2013. (MUST CREDIT: Washington Post photo by Linda Davidson)
Washington Post photo by Linda Davidson

I thought about throwing a Puppy Bowl party but I don’t think any of my friends would show up, so it’s up to The Hubs and I to make some healthy snacks to go with our buffalo wings. Hey, buffalo wings are fine in moderation, people! In the spirit of the event, I’ve come up with a few ideas for snackage:


This 5-Minute Black Bean Dip from Cookin Canuck, served in a (clean) dog bowl


Cheese and lunchmeat cut into dog bone shapes


Healthy chocolate truffle “kibble” for dessert

Bingley, of course, will be eating his normal kibble. 🙂

What are your plans for Superbowl Sunday? Will you be enjoying the Big Game, or watching the Puppy Bowl?

Let me know in the comments!


The Results of Frugal Giving

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holiday season was a lovely as mine.

I made a point in December to focus on homemade gifts, and there was a reason for that. I MADE HOMEMADE CHRISTMAS GIFTS! And now that the gifts have been given I can finally share with you what I’ve been working on for months!

One year I made scarves. Years ago I made all the men in my family custom ties. This year, a few of my loved ones received framed paper cut art. It started with a Pinterest project. My cousin Scott was getting married, so I made Scott and Jen, his new wife, this:

20151207_202643 (1)It was calming, using a razor sharp X-Acto blade to meticulously maneuver around twig and branch, and was the perfect accompaniment to a few of my favorite podcasts. I had to pay attention to details, but as the form of it came out of the paper, I found I was really enjoying myself. It came out so nicely (the photo is pretty awful, sorry) I decided to try another…

20151207_202621 (1)and another…

20151207_202610 (1)and another… 🙂


I got rave reviews on these, so I see more in my future!

Did you receive any handmade gifts? Let me know in the comments!

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