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Designing Your Own Kettlebell Workout – Part I

When I inquired in my SparkPeople Team as to what everyone would be interested in reading about, I got a request for designing your own kettlebell workout. I’ve been putting it off for a while, mainly because I’ve never designed my own workout, ever!…

C25K Weeks 4 & 5

When we last left our running heroine, she was curious about what foods are good to eat before running. The general consensus all around was banana: easy to digest and easy on the stomach for a quick burst of energy. This turned out to…

C25K Week 3 – Just the Motivation I Needed

Week 3 of C25K went relatively smoothly, so I don’t really have much to say about Day 1 and 2. The runs this week were: Brisk 5-minute warm up walk Run 90 seconds Walk 90 seconds Run 3 minutes Walk 3 minutes Run 90…

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