Day Trip: New Hope Pennsylvania

Every now and again I eschew my regular Monday responsibilities (which are mostly self-inflicted, since my full-time job is Tuesday through Saturday) and The Hubs and I head somewhere fun for the day. Our last trip was way back in August, so it was about darn time we headed out of our local digs and hung out someplace else. On this occasion we decided to return to New Hope, Pennsylvania. New Hope is a quirky sort of place: it’s a meeting place for motorcycle enthusiasts, has a large LGBT Pride Parade every year, provides eclectic craft and antique shopping and riverside dining. It’s a cute little town that caters to a wide variety of tastes.

Washington Crossing State Park, NJ Johnson Ferry House
Via Wiki Commons

We started on the opposite side of the Delaware River in New Jersey with a quick stop at Washington Crossing State park. They have a great display of revolutionary war artifacts in their Visitor’s Center. We didn’t stay too long because I was hungry for TACOS! So hungry, in fact, I took no pictures of the park… or my delicious lunch. I’d discovered a seriously authentic taqueria in Lambertville, NJ, Tacos Cancun, which is a teensy tiny hole-in-the-wall place, which are always THE BEST KIND of place. I was super-psyched to have some Tacos de Lengua (beef tongue), but sadly, they were out. The chorizo and al pastor (pork) tacos did not disappoint, however. This is seriously authentic Mexican food. Double corn tortillas, meat, topped only with cilantro and onions and served with radishes, cucumbers, a grilled spring onion and a grilled jalapeno. SO YUMMY.

Not open on Mondays 😦

After that hearty meal we moved our car across the mighty Delaware and spent the rest of the afternoon strolling down Main Street, browsing in shops and checking out the local history.

Locktender’s House

Isn’t it cute?

20161107_130748We even met this little guy sunning himself in front of a shop:

20161107_125259And then we saw this… thing… which is apparently an art installation with a live cam. Weird.

20161107_130920Walking back on the other side of the street, we found a lovely tea and spice shop where I found a new type of dried chile I just had to take home with me.

2016-11-12-19.00.30.jpg.jpgAnd of course we had to stop at a place called HOUSE OF JERKY!

20161107_132755The Hubs insisted we buy the combo pack, which contains SIXTEEN meat sticks of various flavor.

We decided to traipse out onto the bridge to check out the view. We’re on the PA side looking back over to our home state of NJ.

We browsed several more shops and decided it was warm enough (and we’d walked enough) to indulge in some delicious ice cream. I chose Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel and The Hubs chose S’Mores, both delicious!

20161107_144014After that, we headed home and ate a healthy meal of beef bulgogi, white rice and spinach and just relaxed. A truly lovely day!



Nostalgia and the Sea

20160808_110737Growing up, my Gran lived near the Jersey shore, not far from Ocean City. As a small child I’d spend a few weeks with her in the summers, and we’d often spend the day walking the boardwalk or building sandcastles that would eventually be slowly washed away by the incoming tide.

20160808_105149I’ve never been much of a beach bum, but I make the one hour pilgrimage every year to spend the day on the boards, soaking up the smells of my childhood: sand, the sea, sunscreen, and the occasional funnel cake. I feel the warmth of the sun and the cooling breezes, and hear the surf and the seagulls and the funny things that people talk about on the beach. (“He had super weird hair but, I mean, he was pretty cute.”)

The Hubs and I arrived just after 10 am, and immediately hit the beach. We took turns walking along the water’s edge, and laying beneath our colorful beach umbrella. Around noon we packed our things and walked the boards, browsing the restaurants to find a place for lunch. (After some selfies, of course!)

We wound up eating at Cafe Beach Club, and it was really great! The Hubs had a burger and I indulged in a crab cake sandwich with lettuce, tomato and BACON on a CROISSANT! It was fabulous (and the service was great, too)! We even stopped and grabbed some Jersey shore staples: salt water taffy and almond and coconut macaroons.

We walked the boards some more and snagged some Polish Water Ice before heading back home. It was gorgeous weather and a wonderful day. Can’t wait til next year!

Are you a beach bum? Let me know in the comments!



How to Save Money At the Movie Theater


The Hubs and I love going to the movies, but I hate paying full price. In fact, it’s become a running gag in our household: if I walk out of a movie that I really loved, I say “I’d have paid full price for that!” It doesn’t happen often. In fact, once, we got a gift certificate to a specific movie theater we never go to, and the only thing we even remotely wanted to see was Snow White and the Huntsman. I walked out of THAT movie and said “I didn’t even pay for it and I want my money back!”

The ONLY good thing about this movie.

But there year there are a lot of movies I’m going to want to see, so how do we see them without breaking the bank?


  1. Go in the morning. Theaters want to draw you in to the earlier, less crowded showings, so they often provide a discount for earlier showings. Our local Cinemark offers the first showing of every film every day of the week for a mere $6. We take full advantage of this! Today Deadpool is playing at 11:40 am, and since we’re both off from work on Mondays, we’re there! 600_early_bird_300x100
  2. Go on Discount Day. As cheap as it is to go to the first showing of a film at our local theater, it’s even cheaper if we go on Tuesday. Tuesday is Discount Day and every showing of every film (not including 3D or Imax) is only $5.50!
  3. Skip Imax and 3D. 3D viewings at our theater cost an extra $3.50 per ticket! Imax can be even more. (Plus, as a person who wears glasses, I am not a fan of wearing 3D glasses on top of my regular eyewear, so this is an easy pass for me.)
  4. Eat before you view. The Hubs and I only buy snacks at the movie theater on very special occasions. For instance, we went to see the new Star Wars movie on Christmas Day, so we made an event out of it and shared popcorn and got drinks. (This also saves you calories because there isn’t usually anything healthy to eat in a theater.) Today we plan on eating a hearty brunch before our showtime.No-Popcorn
  5. Pay at the box office. Did you know buying movie tickets online can cost you a “service fee”? Cinemark’s website charges you an extra $1.25 per ticket if you buy them online.
  6. Check Groupon or Living Social. Sometimes you can find deals on theater packages in your area to save yourself money on tickets and snacks.

How do you save money on entertainment? Let me know in the comments!


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