Strive for Self-Improvement Over Perfection

This still applies, more than 2 years later. Enjoy!

A Measured Life

never-compare-yourself-to-anyone-except-the-previous-you-quote-1I’m not a competitive person for the most part. I’m totally okay with losing as long as I have a good time along the way. I’ve been known to lose board games on purpose if I think the other person might have a hissy fit if they lose. But I am “competitive” against myself.

Self-Improvement-Quotes-Improvement-Quote-300x276I’m not a proponent of perfectionism. It sets you up for failure, because the perfect thing doesn’t exist. To call my life philosophy “that’s good enough” isn’t quite right either, because it implies I don’t really care about self-improvement, and, if you’re reading this, you know how untrue that is. I don’t need to be the best at anything. I don’t need to be perfect. But if I can mark every day off of the calendar with a check mark because I’ve improved a small aspect of my life then the day is a success.


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