Weekly Menu: December 17 – 23, 2017


It’s the week before Christmas and all through Andrea’s brain, stress is occurring, and falling like rain.


So my schedule is all out of whack this week due to Christmas, and I’m feeling the pressure to get ALL THE THINGS done.

Yes the Black Bean Hummus is still on the snack list… BUT I MADE A BATCH so it’s just me eating it some more. 😉 And I swear that chex mix will get made this week. I totally swear. I’m really excited about the Finish Beef and Dumpling Soup though. Sunday and Wednesday are my only days off before Christmas Day, so I have a full day planned on Wednesday of gym and cooking and haircut and all the things. And who doesn’t love Brownie Batter Overnight Oats?!

What does your menu look like this week? Let me know in the comments!


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