RePost: Beat “Winter Skin” on a Budget

My hands are SO DRY right now, and it’s snowing, and I really need to exfoliate. Check out this blast from the past with some great skin care recipes!

A Measured Life

When I got out of bed this morning, there was frost on the ground. Three days ago it was 80 degrees. Ahh, November in South Jersey. As long as it’s not snowing yet, I’m okay with it!

I’ve always suffered from a bit of dry skin. When I was overweight, I rarely noticed it, but I did have very dry elbows in the winter. During my weight loss journey, I developed a rash over 60% of my body. It was red, patchy, itchy and AWFUL. My doctor thought it was ringworm, so I got anti-fungals. I went to a dermatologist who thought it was eczema and prescribed prescription moisturizer and bleach baths. None of it worked. Finally, I went to an allergist, had a patch test. It was discovered I was allergic to NOTHING. (Okay, I was allergic to nickel but something like 96% of the world is allergic to…

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