Weekly Menu: August 20 – 26 2017

You guys I feel like such a slacker! I swear I woke up on Tuesday and I blinked and it’s now MONDAY, oh my goodness! It’s been a week of trying to get things accomplished and failing miserably.

Work has been much busier for me the last couple of weeks, with hiring some new folks on for the upcoming holiday season and doing a remodel of our showroom including new showcases, moving stuff around, getting rid of some things, adding others and of course, a complete overhaul of our paint scheme from green/gold to slate gray, light gray and black with aged gold accents to match our logo. As right-hand woman to my boss I have a lot of the design on my shoulders (which I enjoy, but keeps me very busy).

Then last night after a glorious day on the beach with absolutely perfect weather, I go to take my glasses off to go to bed and they literally fall apart in my hands. Good thing I have an optometrist appointment already scheduled for this morning!

I’m still going to plasma and enjoying it believe it or not, the people there are all very nice and it’s social. It’s also a forced relaxation time for me: I have to stay in a prone position and can only use one hand so I can only read or use my phone to text or play games. My time for blogging is crunched but rest assured I am NOT disappearing! As you can see from this week’s menu, my social calendar is filling up as well. 🙂

Without further ado, on to the FOOD!

What does your menu look like this week? Let me know in the comments!


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