Mish Mash

Ever have a few weeks where it feels like time is grains of sand in a raging windstorm and as hard as you try to grab onto the sand it just slips through your fingers?


I’m not sure if I mentioned it here before but I’ve been seeing an online counselor and dealing with a bunch of really old stuff that I thought was resolved but isn’t, and getting help dealing with a current situation. I’m also working on building up a bit of savings, so I’m working extra side jobs to help pad the piggy bank (more on that later).

I’ve been forcing myself to relax more, and I found myself semi-addicted to the video game The Elder Scrolls: Legends, which I can NEVER remember the name of when I try to tell people about it. I seriously have to Google it every time, how silly is that? Anyway it’s a super fun deck-building game like Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone and it’s free, so that’s what I’m playing.

At the end of June I applied to be a Lyft driver, but it took two full weeks to get approved (I think my application fell through the cracks somehow because only my driver photo wasn’t approved almost immediately and within minutes of me putting in a support request they approved me) and I haven’t given any rides yet because I’ve been too busy doing other things! Hopefully this weekend.

July’s book club book.

This week I started donating plasma which actually pays fairly well. Yes, you can sell plasma but not platelets or whole blood. It’s actually not bad because most of it is just waiting around or answering questions: the actual donation takes about 30 minutes and I just read my book for sci-fi book club or texted on my phone. It’d be nice if I could have written this blog there but I can only use one hand at a time, ha.

And speaking of book club books, month’s ago we ready the first book of The Expanse series, Leviathan Wakes. WELL DANG IT THOSE BOOKS ARE GOOD so I’m reading book 3, Abbadon’s Gate. THERE ARE 9+ BOOKS IN THE SERIES AND DANG IT I’M GOING TO READ THEM ALL. So I’m making myself read Panacea at my plasma donations and reading The Expanse at night. Compromise, right?

edge-3.jpgAlso, last night I kinda sorta joined a gym! It opens in the fall but it’s a 5,000sf facility with weights, kettlebells, classes, cardio, cardio cinema, tanning, massage chairs and a SAUNA. Oh and a smoothie bar. And I can bring a guest EVERY TIME. They even have a WEIGHT SLED. I’ll finally be able to deadlift more than 105 lbs!

I’m still working on my makeup business, too. A girl’s gotta hustle, amirite?! If you are interested in that I’m on Facebook or you can follow my additional Instagram account:


So anyway, I’m scatterbrained right now, but I’m still working on my cookbook and I’m still thinking of new, fun recipes to share with you! I hope you’re all well and I am still here and thinking of you.



4 thoughts on “Mish Mash”

  1. By any chance is that the same The Expanse series that Amazon turned into a show? If so the beginning of the first season was a slow start but then we couldn’t stop watching after episode 3 lol. If so I will have to let DH know… He might actually read that series. 😊

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