Shared: Astonishing Complexions Sun Protection for Your Skin

young-woman-2194038_1920Summer is coming! In order to protect ourselves from skin cancer and prevent early aging, we need to be careful in the sun. Check out this awesome advice from Astonishing Complexions:

Possibly the biggest health campaign in the past couple of decades has been to make people aware of how dangerous excessive and unprotected sun exposure can be.  The sun can cause a variety of maladies, from painful sunburns to premature aging, and worst of all, potentially deadly skin cancer.  Despite the widespread effort to make the dangers of sun damage known, melanoma rates have continued to rise over the last 30 years.

Protecting yourself from sun damage requires a bit of diligence, but is something everyone can and should be doing.  Some key steps for sun safety:

  • Stay out of the sun in the hottest part of the day. Simply staying out of the sun when its rays are the hottest and brightest is the simplest step you can take to help protect your skin.  If you must be out, try to limit the length of time and be sure to take all the other precautions.

Read more at!

Stay safe!


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