Guest Post: Springtime Habits That Can Make You Healthier

Just a reminder of all the fabulous things we can do in the spring!

A Measured Life

Hey all! After last weekend’s freeze-fest and this weekend’s return to true April weather, I figured it would be a great time to put the emphasis on spring! I hope you enjoy this guest post by Shelly Stinson!Springtime Habits that Can Make You HealthierSpringtime Habits That Can Make You Healthier

Like a flower emerging from the springtime ground, you also have the ability to release the beauty you have within and bloom into a newer, healthier you. And with winter over and spring in full swing, now is the perfect time, the perfect season, to start thinking about what you can do to look after yourself so you can achieve a higher level of wellness.

This starts with creating new, better-for-you habits, while maybe even getting rid of some of the habits that you picked up over the last few months that haven’t exactly served you well (like cold, snowy nights spent not even…

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