Week One In Review

This week has seriously flown by. Here’s a quick review of my week:


Woke up with eyes almost swollen shut from sinusitis. Fun. Weighed in at 176.6. Made the carrot cake breakfast cookies. SO GOOD. Plopped the pork shoulder in the crockpot. Went to walking group then to coffee with my girlfriends, then home for lunch, then grocery shopping. Had my cottage cheese, berries and honey before I prepped dinner. The Hubs loved the baked plantains (I’ve made them before) and the pineapple salsa, and of course the pork, duh! Attempted to make “ice cream” with my mint chocolate whey protein. Did not go well. Drank it straight instead. 1683 cals.


Eyes a smidge better this morning but still sorta puffy. Face hurt. Made my sausage, potato and cheese breakfast casserole. Also delicious! Went to do some coaching for Quickbooks online, got home in time for leftovers for lunch. Went for a run because it was a gorgeous day. Had my apple and walnuts for my afternoon snack. Did some stuff around the house, then made dinner. The Hubs and I went to Home Goods and Bed, Bath & Beyond. Came home with a single bar of dark chocolate with sea salt, had one serving for dessert. 1773 cals.


Face much better, but eye skin SUPER DRY. Had an appointment in the morning, so I ate my carrot cake cookies and headed off. Had leftovers for lunch at work and a latte with no sweetener. Snacked on fruit and cottage cheese with honey in the afternoon. Ethiopian Sweet Potato and Lentil stew for an early dinner, followed by Sci-Fi book club. I had a bowl of soup and some crackers at book club, since it’s at a diner. Lots of sodium there! At the other half of my chocolate for dessert. 2030 cals but loads of sodium.


A pretty normal day. Breakfast casserole. Work. Leftover Ethiopian stew for lunch. Apple with walnuts for snack. Crockpot Chicken Pumpkin Curry for dinner with some broccoli I added on the side. But I was TIRED and snacked a bit. Luckily I chose pretty wisely: I had my protein shake, some pineapple, another apple and a 100 calorie bag of popcorn. 1936 cals.


Evening workout day with Sharon! Carrot cake cookies for breakfast. Leftover Chicken Pumpkin Curry and broccoli for lunch. Cottage cheese with berries and honey for snack. Cheesy Mushroom & Quinoa Casserole for dinner. Protein shake and an apple for dessert. 1817 cals.


Breakfast casserole after an hour long workout. Apples and walnuts in the morning because I was pretty hungry. Leftover Quinoa Casserole for lunch. Protein shake as afternoon snack. BBQ Pork Stuffed Sweet Potatoes w/ Collard Greens for dinner. SO GOOD!!! Had another apple as dessert. 1927 cals.


Woke up this morning at 172.6, a full FOUR pounds down from Sunday. I’m positive this is mostly water weight. That’s okay! Carrot cake cookies for breakfast. Joined my running buddy Josh for coffee and had a skinny vanilla latte. Leftovers for lunch. Cottage cheese parfait for afternoon snack. Tonight is Taco Stuffed Bell Peppers & Confetti Brown Rice, and I’m going to blend some vanilla whey protein with frozen blueberries for dessert! If all goes as planned, 1931 cals.

That means my average calories for the week were 1871 per day. My Polar heart rate monitor says I burned an average of 252 cals per day. That means my net intake was 1619, which would definitely put me in a deficit, so we’ll see how well the scale behaves next week, as I crawl closer to ovulation, or when my monthly weight is highest. We shall see! I honestly have no idea why it feel so easy to me this week. Not a clue. I’m a natural born skeptic so I’m hesitant to just say it’s the eating fewer processed foods. I wasn’t feeling great most of the week so that could definitely be part of it. Time will tell!.

63 days until my Memorial Day trip!



6 thoughts on “Week One In Review”

  1. Sounds like a great week! You accomplished a ton, and stayed on plan! I always love to hear about all the food you cook and recipes you create; everything always sounds delicious! And I like how you have the apple and walnuts as a snack on a daily basis…I have personally found that when I have an apple as a snack, I make better food choices throughout the day; it’s weird, but it works, haha. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading about Week 2!

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