The 4-Week Measured Mostly Clean Meal Plan – Week Two

Wowza! I’m just over halfway through week one of my mostly clean meal plan and it’s going really well! It’s not perfect (I went to my Sci-fi book club and had a bowl of soup and some saltines) but it’s been going quite well! I’ve been fighting a case of acute sinusitis due to the lousy weather we’ve been having and I think it’s helped me not be very hungry, so next week might be more of a challenge. As I mentioned, I’ve been supplementing my plan with a protein shake most days or some fruit. I had originally mentioned I wanted to take daily belly photos but I’ve decided to go with weekly instead.

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Just a reminder, this meal plan is around 1600 calories per day as is: this may be too much for some people who are far less active than I am. I DO NOT GUARANTEE ANY WEIGHT LOSS ON THIS MEAL PLAN. I made it for ME and I’m sharing it with you for FREE. I am not a registered dietician, I’m simply a woman who cooked herself thin and lost 100+ lbs, so it’s all experiential evidence. Fair warning. Ultimately, each one of us is responsible for what we put into our bodies, what we expend with exercise and have only ourselves to blame for the results of our efforts. However, if you like my meal plans, please feel free to donate a few bucks to help support AML so I can fund the AML Cookbook. There are many ways to do so on my support page!

Here’s week two! A couple notes: remember that Potato & Sausage casserole made 8 servings? I froze half of them after I cut it up so that is a repeat from last week. And if you don’t like rabbit or don’t want to spend the money just substitute bone-in skinless chicken pieces.

You can access the recipes and the shopping list HERE. (Please let me know if I need to tweak anything.)

Let me know what you think, please! Is anyone out there trying this with me? 😀 Is there something I need to change to make it easier to follow? Thanks!



2 thoughts on “The 4-Week Measured Mostly Clean Meal Plan – Week Two”

  1. OMG – Thumper! Found your blog last week while looking for recipes. Many sound delish; look forward to trying them. Reviewing your wk 2 meal plan saw german rabbit stew. Gotta say, I almost puked! I’m a proud bunny Mom to a Holland Lop rabbit & they are wonderful pets. I know people eat them, just didn’t anticipate seeing it here. Had to comment: Yuck & Eww

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    1. I believe I noted that you could substitute chicken. I know rabbit isn’t for everyone! I’m a big proponent of alternative meats so you’ll see goat here too. Thanks for your comment!


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