I have been THE LAZIEST PERSON today.

Work was closed today and I was home alone, and since it’s “that time of the month” I’m not feeling particularly well so I have done very little. I did dye my hair and shower and put bum-around clothes on, walked the dog and cleaned off my car, but I didn’t even have to shovel!

I didn’t work out either. Shame on me! I decided to watch Snowpiercer instead. (I should have worked out. I am not a fan.)

What I DID do was work on my COOKBOOK! Did you know I was working on a cookbook? I haven’t mentioned it recently because I’ve been sort of dragging my feet on it. It will be chock full of healthy, exotic recipes under 500 calories! I also just ordered myself a brand new digital SLR camera so I can add my own high quality photos. I’ve been taking all of my photos on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and while that’s fine for Instagram, I really want to play with a real camera. It’s finally starting to feel real!

Speaking of food, I’ve talked in the past about working on a meal plan to share with you, lovely readers, and I’ve finally done it! Starting tomorrow I will be posting a weekly meal plan along with a printable ingredients list if you’d like to follow along. I hope you give some of the recipes a shot at the very least!

Lastly, I’m no longer doing bookkeeping on the side to supplement my income. Both of my clients have decided to close their businesses and I wanted to get out of the business, too. It’s stressful and not very fun. However, I have picked up a new hobby I’m going to use to supplement my full time job. I’m going to start dabbling in selling Younique makeup. I love what I use of it and I’m really having fun with makeup. Now before you panic: this will NOT become a makeup blog! I will post very rarely only when I really love something I’ve tried, and the link to my page will be on my Support Page, but I promise this blog will not become a sales pitch.


If you’re interested in Younique Makeup, you can find my page here.

I hope if you got snow today that you are safe and warm and have someone to dig you out.

Happy Tuesday!

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