AML Interactive: What’s Your WHY?


Today folks, I want to hear from YOU.

In order to get healthy/lose weight/get fit you need to figure out WHY you’re doing it. Here at A Measured Life I talk about food, fitness and frugality, but I also talk about the mental health aspects of healthy living.

My WHY is CONFIDENCE. Losing weight, eating well, getting fit and working on my mental health has increased my self-confidence.

confidenceI wanna hear YOUR whys. Tell me why YOU want to live the healthy life!

5 thoughts on “AML Interactive: What’s Your WHY?”

  1. I want to live a healthy life because I got caught up in work work work. Put my fitness off to the side gained weight lost some of my confidence and started exercising again and got injured and ended up with a bone disease called Osteonecrosis
    So now it’s a must. Get weight back to normal and exercise however I can which is mostly a recumbent bike but when it’s warm I can hike a little but not for mikes and mikes as before.
    My why is better quality of life and less pain

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  2. My whys: 1. To lose weight slow and steady. 2. To become more fit and integrate exercise into a regular routine. 3. As a recently diagnosed diabetic, continue to focus on healthy eating and exercising.

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