Healthy Snacks You Can Share With Your Dog: Fruit and Veggie Edition

Hey all! I’m exhausted and I need to have some good chill time, so here’s an awesome list I posted last year of healthy snacks you can share with your dog. Have a great weekend!

A Measured Life

Recently I was wasting time on Facebook and someone in a group I’m in all about dogs (Cool Dog Group, it’s amazing, for srs) asked a question. Do you ever feel guilty when you’re eating chocolate and your dog is watching you, not knowing why you won’t give him some? First of all, no, I didn’t feel guilty about giving my dog chocolate, UNTIL YOU MENTIONED IT. Second, there are tons of things you can share with your pup that are perfectly safe!

12191716_969100623131873_5681885482981468770_n No Bing, delicious Sharp Italian hoagies from Larry’s Cold Cuts are not dog-approved. Plus I wouldn’t share my hoagie with a human – it’s too delicious!

Bingley learned pretty quickly that the sound of the veggie peeler means snack time! He’ll be sound asleep on the other end of the apartment and come running if he hears the peeler.



DO NOT feed the seeds or core…

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