When the World Feels Harsh, Take Care of Yourself


Hello, Dear Readers,

The world is feeling very overwhelming in it’s negativity, violence and vitriol today, and I’m taking this time to give myself some quiet self care so I can recoup and face the world again tomorrow. I found a great article with 101 ways to apply self care during trying times. Read it here. Here are the ones I’ll be focusing on:

  1. Staying off Facebook. I’d say social media in general but Facebook is the only one that really brings me down.
  2. Ask for support. At work today I made sure to let my boss know that I was having a rough day and that I needed some space to just be.
  3. Let myself cry. Not that I could have stopped myself today. The tears were threatening like gray rain clouds from the time I stepped into my first yoga pose. I had to let it out.

I need some me time, some time to restore my faith in humanity. We all do at one time or another.


2 thoughts on “When the World Feels Harsh, Take Care of Yourself”

  1. Absolutely perfect. We all need this reminder, SD. Thank you! And, I don’t always respond, but I read every single blog of yours. Even your menus and your culinary expertise puts me to SHAME! Hugs!- SM


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