Are You Working Out Hard Enough?

There are 134 days until Memorial Day weekend begins in the United States. For those of us who want to hit the beach, that’s 19 weeks to get your body bikini ready! It may sound like a lot of time, and it’s plenty of time to get into shape, but you have to start NOW. Here’s a post from last winter that will help you maximize your workouts!

A Measured Life

Kelli from Fitness Blender echoes my sentiments when she says that there isn’t any point to working out if you aren’t giving it your all. But how do you KNOW you’re working out hard enough and not just half-assing it?

Contrary to popular belief, sweating is not a good indicator of effort. You can sweat sitting still if it’s warm enough, and I can work my ass off in the middle of winter and not break a sweat, so ignore that “sign”. Here are some good ways to figure out if you’re working out hard enough:

You can’t hold a conversation.

KWl6pqTIf you’re breathing hard enough that you can’t hold a conversation, then you’re really working it. If you can chit-chat amiably while working out, work out harder. You don’t want to work out so hard you can’t talk at all, but you want to be breathing heavily. Some people…

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