Review: Oofos OOahh Sport Slide Recovery Sandals

I had the good fortune to get my hands on a free pair of Oofos recovery sandals at an event at my local Roadrunner Sports last month. I’d been eyeing them up in the store for a while, so when I discovered Oofos was a vendor at the party I took the opportunity to give them a shot! First off, what exactly ARE Oofos?

20170110_090614Oofos are sport recovery shoes made from super thick foam for maximum support and comfort, designed to absorb impact so your feet can recover from those long, hard runs.

I’ve worn them for about a month now almost every day so here is my honest review (ignore my grody feet).

20170110_090552They. Are. COMFY.

I have exceedingly high arches and a bone spur, so I’m really not supposed to go around barefoot. I slip these on like sandals and walk around my apartment like I’m strolling on a cloud. In the evenings if I’m short on hitting my step goal I’ll even jog in place in them in my living room and I get plenty of support there too. They’re super squishy but still totally stable. And just look at how thick this sole is!

20170110_090559This style retails for $59.95, which I think is well worth the comfort level provided. I could easily imagine kicking around in a pair of these all day on the boardwalk down the shore and my feet never getting tired.

Now, the negatives.

I am NOT a fan of this style. I probably won’t wear them out to do anything other than walk the dog or immediately after a run to walk to the car.

Okay, I wore this outfit to take out the garbage. IT WAS DARK, OKAY.

The good news is they have super cute more traditional sandal styles like these in dozens of colors!

women-s-ooriginal-sandal-oofosAlso, this style makes my feet sweat. Like a lot. Again, this could easily be solved by me wearing the Ooriginal Sandal style. I definitely plan on picking up a pair of these sandals for kicking around this summer because they are RIDICULOUSLY COMFY.

Have you tried Oofos? Would you? Let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Review: Oofos OOahh Sport Slide Recovery Sandals”

  1. I have tried them on in my running store and I love how comfy and cushy they feel unfortunately they don’t come in wide widths which I need some they don’t fit me well enough to spend $60. I have the shortest toes and there are empty inches at the front and they look ridiculous on me and just don’t work. But if they ever come out with them wide that would work better for me I will be running out to get a pair.

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