Weekly Menu: January 8-14, 2017


I’m excited about this week’s menu! I have one recipe I’m lightening up from a high calorie recipe (Butternut Squash Lasagna) and one new original recipe (Chicken Satay Nuggets) that I plan on sharing with you soon!

Today we’re going on a date to Ikea (a yearly thing even though it’s only over the bridge in South Philly) to pick up some things (WEIRD – I’m literally typing this and there’s an Ikea commercial on TV) to convert a table into a rolling kitchen cart, I’m so excited!


What does your menu look like this week? Let me know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Weekly Menu: January 8-14, 2017”

  1. The butternut squash lasagna sounds good. I’ve got a butternut squash. My husband wasn’t too keen, so I suggested butternut mac and cheese. I’m going to try that. Then it’s roast chicken, Thai peanut chicken, and chili. Oven roasted Parmesan broccoli and cauliflower makes the list, too.

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  2. I made a batch of Unstuffed Cabbage Soup tonight, and it was good!! Just the thing to ward off cold winter nights! Also on the menu this week are burgers, egg salad, and chicken in some form or fashion (haven’t decided yet).

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