Break the Cycle

warning_pms_tile_coasterThe definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. So why are you doing it? Here are the patterns I’ve observed over the past week:

Person A: Suddenly reappears out of nowhere with a “fresh start”. Is eating the same old crappy processed “diet food” with tons of sodium and no vegetables. Has done this three times before with the same 3 results. Is convinced eating Subway for lunch every day is healthy.

Person B: Talks a LOT about needing to lose weight for EVENT but doesn’t examine his or her eating habits or track food.

Person C: Has been eating a reduced calorie diet pretty faithfully for months while consistently working out and is complaining about not shedding weight.

All these people need to STOP. Just STOP.

2000px-stop_sign_light_red-svg(And in case you’re curious, I’m not just throwing shade at other people: Person C is me.)

What makes us think that doing the same thing over again will suddenly change the results?

For me, the answer is simple: I lost weight eating a reduced calorie diet before, that’s  the honest truth. It isn’t really that the method doesn’t work, it’s that the method isn’t working for me right now. Why the change? I’ve been subsisting on around 1800 calories on average for a while now, and I work out 6 days a week. No matter how consistent I am my weight won’t budge below 168. My goal weight is 160, so it’s not a huge amount of weight. The big clue came after Christmas. Most of December I hovered around 172. Christmas I over ate, as is standard for most people around the holidays, but I also went to the gym and worked out hard.

When I got home from my mom’s, my weight was an even 175 lbs. A mere 4 days later, after getting back on track to my standard workouts and calorie range, I was 168.6. I hadn’t been lower than that since June. JUNE! My theory is my body enjoyed the shakeup of extra hard workouts and more food. I plan to test that theory over the next year. Here’s my plan:

7 weeks in range 1500-1800 calories then 1 week at 2400 calories per day with extra hard workouts. I’m hoping the fluctuation will shock my system into getting back closer to 160 and shedding some of the fat over the muscle.

I’ve burned, since July, an average of 1464 calories working out each week. That averages out to 209 calories a day. My Sedentary BMR is 1814 so I should be having a deficit of just over 200 calories a day, which isn’t huge. But it seems like my body is holding onto the weight. And yes, I am maintaining my muscle, but I’d like to achieve a higher definition/more toning, so I need to keep the calories in check. I’ve looked into intermittent fasting and it feels too micromanage-y to me and I’m too active on a day to day basis to feel comfortable with it. The longer term fluctuation will be more manageable for me. Plus it works out, date-wise: I’m starting an 8-week challenge on January 14 that ends just before St. Patrick’s Day, which is when I always have friends over for a rather hearty dinner. And then I go back on the reduced for another 7 weeks, which will end just before my birthday!

So instead of just continuing to do what I’ve been doing for months (which ISN’T WORKING) I’m going to try something new. So should you!


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