The Twelve Blogs of Christmas – 8

12blogsofxmasHey all! This holiday season I’m going to do twelve blogs that will focus on the true spirit of Christmas, giving, while still embodying the true spirit of A Measured Life: maximum results for minimum cash. This series is going to feature twelve ways you can bring joy to others this holiday season even if you don’t have a lot to spend. I hope you find this series fun and inspirational and try some of the tasks I’ve set out for you. They’re easy, honest!

I’ll be counting down from twelve and ending with one on Christmas Eve. Spread the joy along with me!


# 8

On the 8th blog of Christmas AML posed to me:

Compliment 8 random people!

A couple of weeks ago The Hubs and I were at Produce Junction buying fruits and veggies. I had gone to walking group that morning, hopped in the shower, and just threw on a bit of BB cream and some mascara. The bare minimum. When it was our turn at the counter, the woman handling our transaction said “You don’t wear makeup, do you?” I was a little confused but I said I had a little bit on. She replied “You’re such a natural beauty!” and she turned to my husband and told him how lucky he was to have such a pretty wife. I was so surprised but I managed to stammer out a thank you and a big smile. When our transaction was complete she told us to have a good day and I said “I certainly will NOW, thank you!”

Image Credit: Daniel Lobo via Flickr

That simple interaction set a positive tone for my day and it was such a wonderfully sweet compliment. It was even better that it came from another woman. As women we spend too much time picking each other apart and not enough time building each other up and I truly believe in karma: a compliment given will be returned to you, as long as it’s given honestly.

I make a point every year at the Renaissance Faire to tell people, out loud, if I love something they’re wearing. People spend months sometimes making their costumes, and they want to feel like their efforts are appreciated. So I go ahead and say it. What’s the worst thing that could happen? They ignore you. No biggie! (BTW that has never happened to me. People always respond positively to an earnest compliment.) Give it a shot, what can it hurt? 🙂

Keep your eyes peeled for #7, coming up next!


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