The Twelve Blogs of Christmas – 9

12blogsofxmasHey all! This holiday season I’m going to do twelve blogs that will focus on the true spirit of Christmas, giving, while still embodying the true spirit of A Measured Life: maximum results for minimum cash. This series is going to feature twelve ways you can bring joy to others this holiday season even if you don’t have a lot to spend. I hope you find this series fun and inspirational and try some of the tasks I’ve set out for you. They’re easy, honest!

I’ll be counting down from twelve and ending with one on Christmas Eve. Spread the joy along with me!


# 9

On the 9th blog of Christmas AML posed to me:

Donate 9 cans of food to a food bank!

Image Source US Dept of Agriculture via Flickr

This one is ridiculously easy. This time of year nearly every grocery store has donation bins for canned food, plus they have great sales on the basics like corn, peas, beans and green beans. We got corn and green beans for a mere 47 cents a can, so we could make a sizable donation for less than $5! There are many people who are struggling to keep food on the table, and you could help keep them from going hungry this winter. It’s easy and very inexpensive.

The Hubs and I made our donation last week to Preston and Steve’s Camp Out for Hunger. They’re the biggest collector of canned food every year in the Philadelphia area and it really feels good to help, even in such a limited capacity. Doncha think you could do it too? 😉

Keep your eyes peeled for #8, coming up next!


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