The Twelve Blogs of Christmas – 11

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12blogsofxmasHey all! This holiday season I’m going to do twelve blogs that will focus on the true spirit of Christmas, giving, while still embodying the true spirit of A Measured Life: maximum results for minimum cash. This series is going to feature twelve ways you can bring joy to others this holiday season even if you don’t have a lot to spend. I hope you find this series fun and inspirational and try some of the tasks I’ve set out for you. They’re easy, honest!

I’ll be counting down from twelve and ending with one on Christmas Eve. Spread the joy along with me!


# 11

On the 11th blog of Christmas AML posed to me:

Smile at 11 strangers.

I’m seriously guilty of having a big case of Bitchy Resting Face. (It’s a real thing, check it out.) I’m sure there are times when I’m walking Bingley down the street and someone things I’m angry or I’m throwing shade or some other such nonsense. (Okay, sometimes I am angry. PMS makes me want to punch strangers as I walk past them, but most of the month I’m a really nice person, I swear!)

Smile big and you look friendlier!

So every now and then it’s nice to make a point of smiling at strangers. Now you know I don’t mean creepy “hey baby” smiles, just friendly, cheerful smiles. Better yet, smile AND say hi! You don’t need to engage in conversation, just smile and say hi and keep walking, no biggie. You never know when that one tiny gesture might brighten someone’s day. And in these tumultuous times we need to take the time to be friendly and kind instead of suspicious and rude, am I right? Right!

Keep your eyes peeled for #10, coming up next!


9 thoughts on “The Twelve Blogs of Christmas – 11”

  1. Man, this is something I need to work on…people have asked me before if I’m okay, after seeing the expression on my face, and I’m always like ?? I’m fine, why? ;). The resting bitch face is definitely a real thing!! Haha. I’ll definitely try to pass some smiles on to more people!
    PS – you’re welcome :). I appreciate all the knowledge you pass on to us!!

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  2. I love this one! I would much rather keep to myself most of the time, but I try to smile at people and maybe say hi. Like you said, you never know when you might brighten someone’s day by simply smiling and showing them there is still beauty in the world. I know when someone smiles at me or says hi while I’m out walking the dog, that it boosts my mood at least temporarily. So I try to do the same to others.

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