Weekly Menu: November 20 – 26, 2016

Woo hoo everybody! It’s Thanksgiving week! I’m so excited that I only really need to cook 5 out of 7 days because of leftovers. I’m working extra hard on Friday and Saturday (Black Friday and Small Business Saturday) so I wanted to cut myself a break. If you can’t remember what I’m making for Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll find my Thanksgiving menu here. And I finally own a working waffle maker and I WANNA MAKE FALAFEL WAFFLES!!! I first saw them on a commercial on Cooking Channel with Dan Pashman from The Sporkful and I am so PSYCHED! (Can you tell?)

The bulgur cakes recipe comes out of having a lot of bulgur in the cabinet and not wanting to do something Middle Eastern with it, so we’ll see how that comes out. 🙂 Without further ado, here’s the menu:


In case you aren’t familiar with a Gobbler sandwich, it’s basically leftover turkey, stuffing, gravy and cranberry sauce on a hoagie (Italian) roll and it’s The Hubs’ FAVORITE way to enjoy leftovers. We try to make them every year because they’re just so yummy!

What does your menu look like this week? I bet you’re enjoying lots of turkey, too!


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