The 80/20 Diet Rule

Guys? I’m exhausted. We’ve had a bit of a staffing issue at work and I’ve been picking up slack and running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I’m sitting here on the couch finally, working on this blog, and my eyes are struggling to stay open. I haven’t even finished my menu for the week! I hope you understand. I’ve got to have a catch up weekend on some work stuff, but I should be back in full force next week. Keep on truckin’! ❤

A Measured Life

80-20You may have heard of the 80/20 diet before, but maybe you don’t know how it works. The principle is simple:

Allow for 80% of your meals to be healthy food, and allow for 20% to come from less healthy food.

You CAN still lose weight following this rule. I’ll give you an example:

I hit my goal weight of 160 pounds in August 2014. Then, as I was trying to maintain, I put on weight as I added kettlebells to my routine. Despite gaining, I was slimming as I changed my body composition from fat to muscle. I gained almost 15 lbs of my weight back over the course of a year, without really getting bigger. (Strength training will do that!) This past summer I started experiencing hormonal binges: two or three days a month I would eat peanut butter or chocolate chips (or this month, Nutella) until I felt sick…

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4 thoughts on “The 80/20 Diet Rule”

  1. I was reading your arrival in OZ magazine, and I found it very inspiring. My daughter just turned 12 the 13th of this month and is at 250. She is starting to have issues like soars in her enter thigh area. I have taken her to doctors for years and no one wants to do much for a child. They have recently told us that she is prediabetic. I take her to a gym geared for children 3 days a week but she needs help with getting her diet down and portion control is key (she can eat a lot). I’m going to have her read your article but if you have any ideas on how to help her please let me know.
    Thank you in advance

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    1. It’s really tough as a kid. What shocked me straight was the diabetes. Maybe if she spoke to someone about all of the things that come with diabetes (insulin dependence, eyesight loss, neuropathy, etc), with an explanation that diabetes is for the rest of your life, maybe it will help. Thanks so much for checking out my blog after seeing the Dr. Oz article! I hope you find some useful information. 🙂


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