Convincing Your Significant Other to Eat Healthier

I am currently getting myself prepared for the annual trip to the Renaissance Faire and chowing down on Black Bean Sopes, so I’m reposting a guide on how to convince your significant other to eat healthy as I dream of the Giant Turkey Legge I’ll be nomming on tomorrow. Enjoy!

A Measured Life I don’t WANNA eat salad! How can anyone turn their nose up at this delicious stuff?!

I do most of the cooking at home. Okay, I do pretty much all of the cooking at home. That’s my choice: my husband CAN cook, but his repertoire is limited. I love sausage and potatoes, but not every day, and deep fried things are special occasion items only. Now, I admit, The Hubs makes an amazing chili LOADED with veggies. If he wants to make chili, I am totally cool with that. But most of the time, I’m in the kitchen cooking. And that’s fine: it gives me the control I need to eat healthy. On A Measured Life’s Facebook Page, I’ve gotten a few questions about how I convinced The Hubs to eat healthy. Well, for starters, I give him 3 options: eat what I cook, cook your own food, or starve…

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