Workout Clothes: How to Save Money


I was asked a while back to write about saving money on workout clothes, but for some reason I thought I already had. Turns out I’d written about regular clothes shopping, but not specifically workout clothes, so here goes nothing! A lot of the principles on fit still apply from my previous blog, so this entry will be more about saving that precious cash!

Let Go of Name Brands

That logo doesn’t help your performance, I promise, but it will hurt your wallet. A lot of stores like Walmart and Target have their own branded workout gear. I happen to really like some of Walmart’s Danskin line for working out, and it’s always reasonably priced. I also often find a lot of it on…

The Clearance Rack

Every time I go to Walmart or Target, I always browse the clearance racks, regardless of whether or not I need fitness clothing. You never know when you might come across an adorable running skirt or those perfect capris for less than ten bucks a pop! This is especially true as the seasons change and running shorts and ribbed tanks are no longer warm enough for outside workouts. Remember, summer always comes around again!

Discount Stores

Places like Kohl’s and Old Navy have lots of inexpensive workout clothes. In fact, the outfit I wore when doing kettlebells in Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazinethe outfit I wore when doing kettlebells in Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine was from Old Navy! Kohl’s always had big clearance sections, too, lots of good stuff there.

Outlet Malls


This is the place to find name brand gear at discounted prices. Our local outlet mall has Nike, Adidas, Merrell, UnderArmour, etc. I got two great active wear dresses at Merrell for $20 apiece, and once again, these places also often have clearance racks for extra savings. Also, check out the smaller shops. Our outlet has a British store called Mountain Warehouse with really great prices on hiking pants and jackets for cooler weather. I snagged several really great wicking tanks for running for a mere $7.99 apiece this summer at their super sale.

Thrift Stores

I got the best pair of Nike capris at my local thrift store. They were practically brand new, fit great, they’re an EXTRA SMALL (I’m a firm medium so this was a surprise) and they cost me SIX BUCKS. Yes you have to spend some time hunting through the racks but it’s worth it to save 80% off retail. Plus, I happen to enjoy thrifting for clothes: it’s a challenge I find fun.

Hand Me Downs

I’ve been the lucky recipient of both sports bras and running pants thanks to my cousin’s Zulily addiction. For those of you who don’t know, Zulily is a daily deals e-commerce company with limited time discounted stuff. The items are so discounted they don’t accept returns, and I occasionally benefit!

Win Free Stuff

This is sort of a joke but last year at the Roadrunner Sports Adventure run I won a gift certificate for free apparel and a pair of shoes! I have won absolutely nothing this year (okay except one person’s hatred and the respect of my peers) but hey, it’s free!

Don’t Skimp

Use the money you save on less important items like capris, tanks, hair ties and sunglasses and spend a little more on sports bras (especially if you’re larger chested), socks and especially shoes if you’re running. Spend the damn money on good shoes or run the risk of injury, I know from experience here.

Spend One One or Two Special Pieces

grab lifeWant that sweatshirt that says “Strong is the New Skinny”?  Maybe you’re like me and all you want is a tank that says “Grab Life By The Bells”? (I can help you with that.) Spend the money on a few pieces you love for the look, so you can feel your best when getting your sweat on.

Saving money on workout clothes takes patience and some know how, but it can be done.

What’s your favorite way to save money on workout clothes?



2 thoughts on “Workout Clothes: How to Save Money”

  1. Agree, agree! I got several pairs of running tights at Walmart this year, and Danskin capris this year. I also found that Old Navy has really decent running bras – much cheaper than most places. I have also found things at Nordstrom Rack, but often not that inexpensive. TJ Maxx, Ross, Marshall’s as well. Thanks!

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