Different Shorts for Different Sports or How I Learned That Workout Clothes Are Not a Waste of Money

Hey everyone! I’m still driving home from Chicago today but I thought I’d share this blog entry from last summer because it’s still relevant! When I arrived in Chicago I soon realized that while I had brought plenty of workout clothes, I didn’t bring any extra tops with me! I had just enough ‘normal’ shirts to make it home (if I didn’t spill any food on myself and need to change) but I totally have those obnoxious neon yellow shorts and skull tank top from this blog entry. I guess no one at the rest stops on the Pennsylvania Turnpike will really care!

I hope to have new, fresh content to you on Thursday so keep your eyes peeled!

❤ Andrea

A Measured Life

He actually makes me buy most of them. He actually makes me buy most of them.

If you’d asked me a year ago if I would have more sports bras than regular bras and a pair of workout shorts for every day of the week (and still feel like I need a few more pairs) I would have said you were crazy. (I also wouldn’t have believed you if you told me I’d be running 30 minutes solid or even that I’d be running at all.) I would DEFINITELY have not believed you if you told me I’d be wearing neon yellow shorts in public. But in the last 2 months I’ve learned a ton about what works for me in terms of kettlebell workout clothes versus running clothes versus yoga clothes.


Shorts/pants need to be cut close to the body. Loose shorts just get in the way when you pass the bell from hand to hand…

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One comment

  1. Caution. Watch out for thin young woman on Pennsylvania Turnpike heading east. She will be wearing
    neon yellow shorts with a skull tank top and might run over you on your way into the rest stop. Police report
    that she is “constantly moving.”


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