Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine Article

To all of you that have been following me for some time, I want to tell you about a Super Exciting Thing that has happened to me: I’m in a magazine!

You can find me in the latest issue of Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine, where they tell my weight loss story journey. I hope you check it out!

I’d like to add a BIG FAT

hyacinth-772389_1280to all of you who have found me from the magazine. I hope you stick around a while and like what you see!

Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day Weekend!



8 thoughts on “Dr. Oz The Good Life Magazine Article”

  1. I am MORE than SUPER proud of you, Andrea!!!!! This is such an honor and well deserved! Your fan base is about to blow up, my girl! Muah!


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